Thursday, May 21, 2015

Being Real is the Truth Hidden in Every Lie.

Some years ago I read about  what Marybeth Whalen wrote: 'The painters painted the wall leading downstairs....A week later I discovered while the wall had been repainted, the habits hadn't changed. The kids still were dragging their dirty hands behind them, making what was white and clean, grey and dirty. Like that wall, if I'm not careful I can cover up what's there; wear the Christian t shirt, carry my Bible, smile like everything is great, and talk a good game about my walk with the Lord. But deep inside the ugly old habits are... waiting to be revealed the moment  life gets messy. I can become the modern day Pharisee who focuses on the white wash and ignore the dirty stuffs underneath.

And Bob Gas speaking about Tombs in Bible days stated that; Tombs were white washed on the outside to disguise the death and decay inside Matthew 23:27. So many people in the world today are no more better than the Biblical Pharisee who act like saints in public, singing about their kind and compassionate nature but complete frauds behind closed doors. Severally we've read or being told ' never to judge a book by its cover' Wait to read the content and then you can decide if it is worth its value.This is because we live in an appearance-driven society where many are carried away by the outward state of a man instead of the being within him. The outward appearance of a man can be decisive. An individual with a quiet disposal may be a roaring lion when aroused. My pastor once said: if you want to know the true nature of a man, subject him or her under pressure and watch how he handles the situation.' Just as the Gold beauty shines when subjected to fire, so a man's real nature will shine when pressurized.

As a Child of God; to live above the lie of hiding behind your looks you must accept the truth; Everyone have challenges they deal with some times. You don't have to lie, neither do you need to sing about your situation. Let go and Let God have His way; Surround yourself with realistic individuals that will paint a clear and true picture of you, encourage you when need be; always ask for the Lord leadership in doing what He expects of you and not what the World expects of you. Cheers!

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