Saturday, May 09, 2015

Eight-Year-Old Found In Suitcase by Border Guards

 A Spanish court has detained an Ivory Coast man who tried smuggling his 8years old son into Europe by putting him inside a suit case. The boy was discovered when a 19year old Moroccan woman was stopped as she was waiting in line to cross in Ceuta North Africa, on Thursday. The nervous and indecisive woman as described by guards of the Guardian Civil, suitcase was put through a scanner and the boy was seen curled up inside the case. Some pf the border workers couldn't imagine what they found inside the suitcas. And this action was described to be grotesque and dramatic as a means to get into Europe by  Alfonso Cruzado, a spokesman for the Guardia Civil in Ceuta when speaking with El Mundo newspaper:

The boy's father who arrived shortly after the incident with a permit to live in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria was detained with the woman. He was held without bail after appearing in court under the suspicion of human trafficking offences because he didn't have the required documents for his son.  After proper examination of the young boy, whose name was given to be Adou, by the Red cross, he was declared unhurt by the ordeal.
There are so many risks Immigrants take to get into Europe but this happened to be the very height of it.

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