Sunday, May 24, 2015

Gentlemen: How to Know When You are a Substitute Boyfriend.

In today's relationship it is very difficult to decide who break hearts more. Generally; for every one person who experiences heartbreak tend to seek to break 2 or more persons heart in return. Vengeance game being played by ladies and guys. The realization dawned that all men or ladies aren't the same. Don't ask me where the research was conducted lol! Because if you're a man you've applied the method as a means of punishing the female folks hehehe.....Well, gentlemen let's help you with means on how to spot ladies that are ready to take you to the cleaners.

1) She makes endless demand: Its honey I need to do my hair or pay for this or that. She doesn't want to know if you can afford it or not,she doesn't help you plan towards saving for the future that's because she has no plans of being in it. Guy wise up  O!

2) She hates to be seen in public with you: Have you ever seen the shadow of a ghost? Well neither have I! That is probably because they don't exist. So is a girl who is using you, the only time she is seen in public with you is when you bring your special friend and his name is Mr ATM! You only hang out together if there's a gain attached to it.

3) You not invited in: There's an unseen sign post "keep off" it doesn't matter if you're just one step away from the door. And there's always one excuse or the other to keep you away from her home or friends.

4) Keeps threatening you about quitting: Every small thing I no want again! She gets offended over nothing and probably has called the relationship quit like 10 times in a month.You don't see me throwing out my diamond ring because I had blisters! No! Its because I know its worth so no matter the problem, I fix it. Funny enough, she'd being back to say sorry because of what she'll lose if you do get to move on.

5) Never talks the future with you: That is because she isn't going to be there!She never talks about children with you or career plans or family. Now don't get me wrong I am not talking about girls who want to wear the pants in the relationship O! No! I am the talking about your woman building a future with you knowing that someday maybe she might be in that future
  I may not be one hundred percent correct but if two or three of the points matches with what's going on in your relationship then please............ You know what to do. Cheers!

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  1. Very true,girls r not smiling