Monday, May 04, 2015

Get it Now! No Need to Wait for Pay Day.

In the US, a big credit card company has a TV commercial with the slogan, 'you can have it all now!' That certainly made someone happy because of the need to purchase a particular item without waiting for the pay check. All that's needed is to put it on credit card. Better yet, in developing countries like Nigeria, you get the offer of installmental payment. Some to be deducted from your salary or you gradually pay yourself. Before you realise it, a huge percentage of your salary goes for installmental payment. And what's left can barely satisfy your needs. And more debt is acquired months after months. Year after year, automatically, its accepted you can't get out of debt. But you can if you try. With so much on installment, its time to stop taking the bait and get out of debt not deeper into it. Because at this moment you feel helpless in this hole you've dug for yourself. These four principles should help. Hey! Its a good way to start.

1) Stop craving things you don't need.  Instead, try enjoying what you've got. Someone once told me when I was anxious in buying a particular pair of shoe "beautiful things are always available and even more beautiful than the one you're dieing to buy now." Yeah! There'll be something beautiful to buy each day (Colossians 3:5)

2) Pray before you go shopping. Ask God to direct you in buying what you need and follow His directive no matter what your mind tells you about the beautiful things around. Remember, the devil did that with Eve and the outcome wasn't a good one (Phillipians 4:19).

3) Restrain yourself to spending within what's left of your earnings. If one job can't carry the necessities, start with another (Deuteronomy 8:18), until your debt is paid off.

4) Give God His portion. As a Christian it is very easy to focus on the huge debt you're paying and expect God to understand. Of course He does, that's why He needs you to give Him His portion for more of His blessings to rain upon you (Malachi 3:8-12) and give to others too. This will not be easy but I tell you no matter how difficult things are for you, there's someone in a worse situation. Go ahead give, be patient and watch what happens. Cheers.!


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