Sunday, May 03, 2015

Get Up and Run!

In a television drama called "See How She Runs", there was a 40 year old, divorced school teacher who decided to become a jogger and eventually entered the 26-mile Boston marathon. It's a grueling test of heart, mind and body. To finish the race became her goal and in spite of being jeered at and assualted she didn't lose sight of it. When the day of the race came she faced her ultimate test. As she ran huge blisters developed on her feet. She was hit and injured by a bicycle.

 Several miles short of the finish line  found her utterly exhausted, yet she kept going. Then within a few hundred yards of her goal, late at night when most other runners had finished or dropped out, she fell and lay flat on her face too tired to get up. But her friends put a crude tape across the finish line and began to cheer her on. She lifted her head, saw the tape and realised her goal was within reach. With supreme effort, she got up and with a burst of energy dredged up from deep within her, ran the last few yards.

Victory belongs to those who keep looking at the goal not the going; not the process but the price; not the trial but the treasure that's promised to those who persevere. A two fold theme of Christianity is; rising again and running the race. But you can't win if you don't run and risk falling. No matter what caused you to fall, just take God's hand (Proverbs 24:16), get up and run.

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