Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hey Gentleman! Five Ladies You Must Never Date.

If you haven't read "Hey Lady! Five Guys You Must Never Date" then you need to check our archive.  And the single gentlemen get to be guided too hehehe!

1) The Intelligent Lady......she knows everything from rocket science to arts. She corrects your grammar in public and jumps in before you have a chance to finish your statement. She is always like "Bae let me handle it." The only thing bigger than her brain is her massive ego. Guys run o babes like this never take corrections except you are willing to play Mr Ibu to your Einstein girlfriend

2) The 'Ugly' Lady...........Before Una kill me abeg hear me out. This girl is pretty like a picture and she knows it, she has men practically eating from her hands. Always dressed to kill and her perfume can break your nose. The hair is never out of place neither is the make up from nose contouring to cheekbones highlighting with eyelash that seems like they are doing weight lifting with her eyes. The thing  with girls like this, all you see is all there really is to her, she has spent her lifetime developing the outside and the inside is as empty as a doughnut with too much yeast. Guys beware o before she asks in front of your friends "Does anybody know the last name of Buhari?"

3) The 21st Century Lady......Pardon me to scream in my dialect abeg!Jesu! If you have ever dated a girl like this you would get the picture. She is the twenty first century woman, the no cooking, no cleaning, we divide the chores fifty fifty. Anything you do, she sees it as you attacking her feminism. All men are chauvinist. Guys beware because you would just come home from work hungry and instead of food on the table you would see a placard saying "Men learn to cook your food"

4) The Fairy Tale Lady..... She hardly can differentiate between a dream or reality.  She wants to be the modern day Cinderella with her Prince Charming to perfection. Starting from the height, to the width, servants and the flow of wealth. She's good at gate crashing parties where she thinks well to do single men will be. And She doesn't want to know how hard it is to make money. All that matters is: "Bae I need this" today and tomorrow "Bae  I need that." Always  wanting to outshine others. A friend fixes weavon of 30 thousand Naira; hers should be 60 thousand Naira. That's her building a castle in the air. Guys! discharge, before it comes crashing down on you. 

5)The Strong Lady.....She is strong as in can do anything you can do. She pounds, cooks, clean the 24hours round the clock girlfriend. Always busy, always moving, always wanting to help, she is ambitious. She calls sleeping by 11pm early and waking by 5am irresponsible. Unless you are moving in her pace, you are tagged slow. Twenty four hours is too small. There is never enough time, she resents you for not trying enough when you know you have broken your back trying to please her, at the end of the day you are drained both emotionally and physically. Guys be smart o, this girl can beat you up when spited o! No be joke o, don't say we didn't warn you. 

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