Monday, May 18, 2015

Hey Lady! Five Guys You Must Never Date.

The topic sounds cliche right but just spare me a moment or two...................
1) The Rich Guy-----Forget all you know about been 'Rich.' This is the kind of brother that drives a range rover and a Venza and yet stays in two bedroom apartment, where he owes rent, spends hundreds of thousand on exotic wines and gourmet meals and yet his freezer is always empty. Babes!run o!This guy has no retirement plan or savings, its only a matter of time before he becomes as poor as Lazarus

2)The Guy who Loves you....Now we've all encountered this guy at least once in our  lives. This guy calls you like fifty times in one hour asking 'Bae have you eaten?' And the  next minute 'Bae has the food digested? Have you  belched.' It's usually cute at first then it gets weird, he goes to facebook and add all your family members, he calls your father 'daddy' on the first visit and shows up for family meeting unannounced and uninvited. Sweetheart there is usually a thin line between love and obsession so run while u still can!!!

3)The Born Again Guy-----Before you kill me abeg hear me out. This is the spiritual brother that starts all his sentences with 'The Lord Says.' Ask him where he sees himself in 10years, his reply is usually something like this 'You see I don't' have plans o because the Lord says........'He uses God as the perfect excuse for everything which is very convenient because most people don't really check with God before doing stuff. My dear soon 'The lord would say' he should dump you after five years together. Be wise!

4)The Sexy guy------As the name implies 'Sexy,' Six packs, Chisel faced muscle bag! He is hot! Loves to show off his biceps in tiny shirts. Nothing gets past him, he compliments you a lot,'Nice bae, you getting slimmer','Your 'Uku' is getting bigger'. He notices the tiniest of details which is good until it becomes bad!Yeah! Then the nagging starts, he nags you about add a few pounds probably from over eating during the Christmas season. Ever imagined what would happen when you pack on the baby fat after delivery? Your guess is as good as mine!Darling please leave while you still got your Self esteem intact

5)The Fine guy----The modern day Narcissus' He is handsome and He knows it. Its usually flattering the first few times you guys go out on a date.You feel like you are carrying a national treasure about because the girls won't stop staring...... Suddenly, he realizes he's too good or early to just be tied down by one lady and the cheating game begins. Only, he sees it, he deserves to be on top of every lady that as much as admire him and you know, such dudes are a rare gem. The thing is; the gem a man is; is within his heart. Unfortunately, he's not certain if you should be keeping him yet. Oh! actually he should be keeping you yet hehehe..... The question now is: Are you ready to hang around until, he grows up to know life isn't just about his Narcissus looks.........? Because that will fade  away someday.

Hehehe! With all said and written, there are always exception. This is actually about the ones that take themselves too serious. So, stay with us for "how to know when true love finds you" *winks*

Article written by: Elohor Omoyibo & Ono Okeh for TPJ


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