Saturday, May 02, 2015

His Leadership is Never Backward - Bishop David Oyedepo

It was an awesome time in God's presence today as the entire Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel) gather for a liberation service to mark the 34yeaars of the ministry existence. The Bishop during his sermon gave testimonies of the great works the Lord has been, still and will continue to do amongst the winners family. Most prominent of God's blessings is the fact that the Church of God has never known a better yesterday. Because God's leadership is never backward but always from strength to strength or glory to glory. He announced the continuation of the morning service as a divine mandate to move the Body of Christ forward and all should endeavour to attend in their various branches.

- No matter how wild a dog is, it never can be compared to that of a lion. This he said to establish our dominion as Christians.
- Every genuine treasure is hidden and it takes explorer to find them. Every child of God needs to study the hidden treasures in Christian literature books starting with the bible.

Tomorrow service will be another impactful time and all winners members have being encouraged to attend service with their mantle to be a partaker of the great things God has in store for His Church. Cheers!

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