Thursday, May 21, 2015

How True is This? The Most Wicked People in the World are Religious People! Says a Prominent Man of God.

I was listening to a prominent man of God recently (please I'm withholding  the name because I want you to think upon this sincerely without being bias) talk about the spread of the gospel of Jesus when he said "the most wicked people in the world are religious people." These are people that believe in God yet, do not understand the true nature of God. His unconditional show of love for man. If they do, there will be less sufferings in this world. Do you agree with this?

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  1. It would have been better to know who said it. But surely, its merely an opinion-not a fact, as no research has gone into this. It can be said that people who are wicked chose to be that way, religion is just an excuse for validation and perpetration of their acts.