Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I Wished for my Mother-in-law Death and it was Granted But the Family Got to Hear About my Wish.

Hmmm! I really don't know what we will wake up to each day that will become trending.  Well, some ladies are wishing to marry motherless husband these days,  forgetting they've got brothers and someone will marry them and probably wish for their mother's death. Anyway, I hope someone will learn from this post.

I know the first question you may ask upon reading the title may be what kind of woman am I? Just to clear the air, I'm not an evil person nor am I diabolic. I won't even give any thought to juju (jazz) in any way. What happened was just a spur of the moment wish after all the troubles my mother-in-law did put me through. I didn't even know there are  forces that will manipulate my wish. Between me and her it was "Agnes why did you do this or that to my son or with my son belongings?" As if they are not mine too or "When did you do this; where did that happened?" Nothing I do seems right.
And I was absorbing it all until the last time when I told my husband we needed to change the children school to the one closer to our home. But it happened to be more expensive.

Unfortunately, when the argument ensued,  my mother-in-law was around and somehow I told her to stay out of it, when she was about to lash at me. Like seriously, she bounced on me. I had to jump or else I would have received a dirty slap from her. I was really hurt because my husband didn't even bother talking to his mother. Well, that day at work, I was sad and a lady I considered as a friend inquired about the reason behind my state and I told her ending it with my wish "if only she will die and leave me and my family alone." That was it, few days later, the news broke of my mother-in-law's death. And my dear friend went and told my husband people what I said or wished. Right now, I've being thrown out of my matrimonial home. I fear what they may do if they set eyes on me again. As a result, I haven't gone to beg. And where do I even start the begging from. Honestly I didn't wish for that woman to truly die. I know I need prayers and also advice. How do I start the explanation? My family members are angry too. Everyone is angry, What do I do now?

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  1. uhmmmmmm..... thats why they always say be careful wat you wish for,you might jus get it... prayer answers all things