Sunday, May 24, 2015

Irony of Life: The Hide and Seek Game Played by Pregnant Celebrities and Nigeria Women Lol!

I have thought over this for sometime now and still can't get the drift. Why most Nigeria women tend to hide their pregnancy during the period of 9months. They no longer use full display picture on whatever social network they use, just the half part of their upper body #smiles. Then, you suddenly get an invitation for baby naming ceremony and you begin to wonder if the pregnancy developed over night and the delivery that same night.  I guess civilization nor gree remove the fear of Them flying individuals, abi na me dey think too far?? Anyway here's the comparism between a pregnant celebrity and the ordinary Nigeria woman.

Pregnant Celebrity: Announces the news as the doctor declares her pregnant. Then, they begin showing the various stages of baby bump and how good they look being pregnant. Even if they don't; trust the likes of Linda Ikeji: they will help them do a good job of it. Joseph Yobo's wife can attest to that. Lol!
The Nigeria woman: Announces to close family members and maybe some friends. Then, they start attending social functions less. 
Pregnant Celebrity: Tells you the date of delivery and the media will start counting with them.
The Nigeria woman: Please don't ask about the date of delivery or else you will be a suspect Lol!. Infact a friend once told me " dem nor dey follow pregnant woman dey count wen she won born" yet they do scan and a doctor have to inform them of the 'when' of the baby or babies arrival (due date) ok! That doctor nor be human being?
Pregnant Celebrity: After delivery; some may want to hide their baby from the public view for a while. Infact, some top media house will have to pay for the right of taking pictures.
The Nigeria Woman: Everyone as in both the suspecting and unsuspecting family members and friends will get to hear the announcement. And the display picture changes to full snap of the pregnant woman and that of the new born child. Oh how lovely!

That's my comparism! Well, I guess people have reasons for doing what they do and we must wish them the best and God's blessings!

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