Sunday, May 03, 2015

Jest of the Day: Bobito and Chikito Avenue Episode 1

This is a story centred on an avenue jest Bobito; the brick layer and Chikito, the young and rich banker. Both are neighbours, Bobito lives in the boys quarter and Chikito occupies one of the 4 flats. They hardly agree on anything. But as neighbours, they barely avoid each other, especially when they both need a favour from each other. On this faithful day, Bobito met a beautiful young girl at the building he was working carrying mixed concrete. Despite the young lady's state, she seems to speak well. This has made things difficult for Bobito in asking her for a relationship.

Finally, he decided to ask for Chikito help. Mustering the boldness he approached her as she was about entering her house. She didn't make things easy for him but Bobito was too desperate to consider her rude attitude that moment.

Bobito: Abeg nor vex, I wan ask for one small help
chikito: Ok! what's it
Bobito: Na woman matter emmm......
Chikito: Hey! hope you aren't trying yourself, say na me ........
Bobito: Abeg nor be so, I get that kind liver.
Chikito: Good that you know that. Oya talk make I enter house
Bobito: Na waooo you kin dey harsh anyhow sef
Chikito: Please I'm going if its insult you want to pour on me
Bobito: Ok no be vex ehen. It get one girl wen I like for my working place. She fine and she sabi oyibo well, well. you see the thing be say, I nor know how i wan take yan her.
Chikito first had a good laugh, which infuriated Bobito but the matter at hand was too dear to him  to walk away from.
Bobito: Which kin laugh you na laughing.
Chikito: The kin laugh I na laughing, is the english you wan to speak abi?
Bobuto: Nor be e make me come meet you. na you're laugh anyhow.
Chikito: Its Ok! bbefore you break my head with grammar.
Bobito: I hear but please say to me how to interact her
Chikito: Please dont't talk again ehen. When you see her say "baby I want to make love to you"
Bobito: Ehen! baby I want to rove you
Chikito: No; baby I want to make love to you.
Bobito: Baby I want to make love to you, baby I want to make love to you, baby I want.......
Chikito: Its enough you want people to hear you.

The very next day, feeling on top of the world, Bobito approached the young lady, as she was carrying a pan of mixed concrete. without preamble told her what Chikito taught him. The young lady thinking she hadn't heard him right asked him to repeat it again and he did loudly, thinking he was creating an impression and this drew the attention of some of the workers. The lady asked him to repeat it the third time and before he could complete the sentence "Baby i want to make lo...." the young lady released the full pan of concrete on him, hissed and walked away. The other workers didn't make the situation easy for him as they kept laughing and repeating what he told the girl.

When he has cleaned himself up, one offered to explain what he said to her and Bobito felt humiliated and promised of course to get back at Chikito........  Even at the close of work they kept calling him "I want to make love to you Lol!

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