Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Judge Between Me and My Money Bag Abi na Maga According to Kcee.

Lol! Some people do have a way of making blogging quite interesting. This message should have you ROTFL.

I have to write this in pidgin English because of the confused state I am right now. I don't want grammar that will scatter peoples head. Imagine; person go dey e own jejelyjejeli dey manage e life as e see am. Na ee man go come dey run he mouth "baby, I love you; I wanna beautify your life; turn your world around." The man kuokuoma fine and he dey single. What do you expect? Abi e get who nor like better thing?

That's how we started our relationship. Before I cough, 100 packet of baba blue don dey my  front. If I ask for 1 naira, he will give 1 thousand. To the extent of asking my friends to come along with us when we go shopping. Some kind times sef, I go dey use style to pinch am, e nor dey hear, nai I leave matter make e for rest. Small time e bring engagement ring, throw way party join the whole matter. Everybody begin dey envy me. Even me dey even envy myself how I take get this kin man.

One month after engagement, as I don finish serving our papa land, nai i tell am say make I start business as I dey take style dey find job. Shuoo! Na so omoguy provoke, begin dey curse my full life. Say e nor want the relationship again because I too dey money conscious. Seriously! Most of the things he has done for me has always being his idea. Now, I just don't understand why he's saying I'm money conscious. Me I nor ready begin start another relationship. If the money wey e get don finish make he just talk so. Make I know how we go take re package ourselves instead of the many many insult. The one that's annoying is the accusation that I'm money conscious. Abeg make una judge this matter, if nai true. Make I for know how to go beg. And please my wanting to beg him is not about the money. Its because I truly want to be with him.

Okay! The plead has being made. My opinion is: to a large extent you were carried away with the way he was lavishing money on you, that didn't make you try hard enough to make him slow down and save for tomorrow. Even for your forth coming marriage. And did you care to ask him how he got his money. It could be a once in a moment thing. And now that its probably finish, he's beginning to apportion blame. But if that's not the case; just tell him how you've come to feel about him now. Hopefully, he'll believe you.

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  1. I think you should have tried talking to him about the way he was spending. But of course, you're a girl and that's what most of you are good at. Milking the guys dry.