Friday, May 08, 2015

The Conversation! Nigeria Polling Units Vs United Kingdom Polling Units.

Nigeria Polling Units: We're well guarded by uniform men with arms.
UK polling Units: Yet! The place is disorganized. we're well monitored digitally. Even the wind can capture any mishap.
Nigeria polling Units: That's nothing. I have presiding/returning officers in charge of the process
UK Polling Units: Lol! Who needs that? one person is enough to assist anyone having difficulties because we're well organized.
Nigeria Polling Unit: Look at the queue, you see people are out in large numbers to vote.
UK Polling Unit: And they are suffocating each other, pushing and shoving. No queue here and individuals are voting within 3 minutes.
Nigeria Polling Units: We have what it takes to discover fraud. Card reader, verification before voting.
UK Polling Units: And you'll be wasting people's precious time. Well, there's a database for everyone. Digital is how we operate. Please develop or just grow up.
Nigeria Polling Units: Election is within 8hours and yours is a whole 12hrs.
UK Polling Units:  Yes, we are meticulous with what we do. Everyone can confidently vote within the stipulated 12hrs instead of the rush.
Nigeria Polling Units: What now! You always have a better way of doing things? meaning we don't know what we are doing?
UK Polling Units: No, far from it. But there's always an easier and better way of getting things done. You just have to put in more effort to adopt better techniques.
Nigeria Polling Units: Well, Rome wasn't built in a day.
UK Polling Units: So true but you must keep advancing,

Photo Source: Google