Friday, May 15, 2015

LOl! Lets Begin the Weekend on a Lighter Note: Teacher Vs Nursery 3 Pupils.

This is a conversation that took place between a teacher and nursery 3 pupils during the learning process
Teacher: There are many things that can contaminate water, like urine (your wewe). Can anyone tell me any other thing.
Pupil: Pupu
Teacher: That's faeces
Pupils: Faeces

Teacher: Yes! Can anyone tell me another?
Pupil: When you mess and the mess start smelling and you want to drink water, can make the water bad.
Teacher and Students laughing.
Teacher: Everyone stop laughing and take note.
Pupils chorused: Which note?
Teacher: I mean listen
Pupils: Can air contaminate water?
Teacher: No, you can only foul the air
Pupil: My mama get fowl but is not air foul.
At that moment the break bell was rang saving the teacher from further confusion. Lol!
Blessed weekend everyone!

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