Friday, May 29, 2015

LOL! Ways to Never Break the Law in this New Regime.

Lol! This comprehension was found in a primary 6 pupils mock exam question paper, which suggested how to be a law abiding citizen. Especially in this new dispensation. Read comprehension below.

Mr ubor was a very obedient person. When he was a boy, he had always obeyed his parents and teachers and when he was grown up, he was always careful never to break the law. He was not very rich but he owned a small car which he always drove carefully and slowly. But one day in one of the business street in the town a policeman saw him pushing the car instead of driving it.

The police advised him to get fuel if there is none in the car but he told him that he forgot his driving license at home and decided to push it. The  policeman was surprised and laughed aloud.

So, all car owners should learn from Mr Ubor; push your cars wherever you need to get to if you don't have a driver's license. Lol!


  1. Mr Ubor sounds like a very conscientious man... Fun story.

  2. In a small town here in CA there is a law against motorized vehicles turning left on main street. Wonder how Mr Uber would follow that one.

  3. A wonderful story, that really brought a smile to my face!
    I will certainly remember this the next time I leave my licence at home!! *smiles*

    Have a Super Weekend.

    Big hugs xoxoxo

  4. Someone with that little sense probably shouldn't have a driver's license!

  5. Thanks much @Lisa, Dolorah, Stephanie for spending some moments here and @Ygraine I've missed you! I'm glad to have you back and from me too; big hugs xoxoxox.