Monday, May 25, 2015

Measuring Your Worth by Work!

It is another week and the hustling and bustling to make a living begins. And this time it is exceptionally difficult as a result of the fuel scarcity. But work we must! Our input in it will determine how we will excel. Hate or love your job, you must set a target to excel because that will define your worth and success. What you will be known for.

Psychology Jon Johnson points out  the differences between mere success and excellence: Success bases our worth on a comparison with others, excellence measures us against our own potential. Success grant its reward to the few but its dream of the multitude. Excellence is available to all living beings, but is accepted only by few.

 You're not making the most of your potential when the standards set for you by others are higher than the ones you set for yourself. Former basketball player Bill Bradley at fifteen attended a summer basketball camp.  While there, basketball star Easy'Ed Macauley told him, " If you're not working at your game to the utmost of your ability, there'll be someone out there with equal ability who will be working to the utmost of his ability, and one day when you play each other he'll have the advantage." Neither your critics nor your competitors should determine the standard you set for yourself.

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