Saturday, May 16, 2015

Oshiomole's Wedding: Nigerians Raised Brows Comments

Yesterday day was a remarkable day in Edo State State as their Governor Adam Oshiomole Re -  marries. Lots of questions and brows were raised, as many even I observed the contrast in age and otherwise. And some persons had somethings to say; both the good, bad and ugly but mainly the bad. Here we go;

One lesson I've  learnt today: 6packs,height,beard is no yardstick to marrying a beautiful lady. Just get enough millions and some political power. Lyon. O

I need to give the bride a psych evaluation, Was she hurt before, in love or is she in debt, has gotta to be one of these cos I aint seeing love! Sassy Ruddy.

Nice! Easy choice for both; Money Vs Beauty. T. Boy

Why Does she wanna cry, dem force am? even at that, she should save us the confusion of wondering further if she does or doesn't love the man. Cashmir.

Lol! that look of "I can manage so long I've got millions at my disposal but this disgusting to swallow. Wealth. O

Why didn't marry a more matured woman? Infact, a window like himself. Afterall, he once insulted one. Mrs Anonymous

Men are so ungrateful. Now, he has gone to marry a young girl, that's not aware of how he got to be who he is today. If it is a woman now, she'll spend the rest of her life mourning her late husband. Mrs Vera .A

Hmm! and I will say  My meat for your poison 

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