Saturday, May 30, 2015

Preachers Question: Who Did You Have Sex With?

I have listened to many preachers over the years, talk about bond people share during sex. Their explicit explanation on ties between two people during and after the act. Whoever a man/woman sleeps with, a part of her/him is left behind with her/his partner. In essence, as the numbers of partner increases, so is the leftover or collection.

My confusion increased today when I watched an American movie Dragonfly and at the end an actor said  "anytime you sleep with someone, you've practically slept with everyone person, that someone has had sex with." Of course my ears spiked up and now like the preachers I'm asking  "who did you sleep with?" The numbers of persons, the person you're sleeping with should tell you, who you actually slept with. Unfortunately, you can't ask or count. But you can try imagine being the 12th, 34th, 50th etc man or woman that lady or man is sleeping with...... How comfortable will you be?  Basically, one shouldn't overlook the commitment, exchange of bond during sex. And a sexual relationship is always more difficult to break than one without sex because no bond has been exchanged.

The cheapness of sex today will probably make many to careless. But as usual I'd say it is better to be in team #NoVowsNoSex  and if married team #OneLoveOnePartner Hebrews 13:4. Cheers!


  1. Interesting concept. Bonds between people are so important, I think it's good to be thoughtful about who we are with.

  2. Hear hear! The young people need to hear this.

  3. You will kill yourself by just thinking about. Just move on there are more important things in life.

  4. Its actually more spiritual than people think that's one has to be very careful