Monday, May 25, 2015

Surviving Skills When You Hate Your Job.

We live in a country were I've come to understand; getting a job is like searching for a grain of rice mixed with a basket of beans. So, when one is able to secure one, its accepted without giving a thought to ones dream, passion or ability. There will always be a way to survive, so long, you'll be able to earn a living. Some believe, they'll take the job as a means to an end. But year after year, nothing seems to happen and they realised they are stuck. There's no time to search for a better option and one can't afford to resign. Afterall, our elders says "a bird in hand is better than hundred in the bush." And I wonder sometimes the ratio of people that love their jobs against the ones that hate their jobs. I believe there will be more wishing they're working in any other place than where they are now. Job satisfaction is a long road to travel. But then, having a job is a better bargain than being jobless. So, how do you survive when you hate your job?

1) Avoid clutters: It is difficult trying to keep up with a job you love, how much more when you hate it. So, you must avoid leaving work undone per day. Clutters will only add to the strain of keeping up with the pace. When you have a file, threat and clear your desk. As a graduate teaching in a school especially private ones, learn to follow orders and outline your activities each week. Lesson notes for teaching should be written during holidays. That will make it easy for you when school finally resumes and you're expected to teach 6 classes and make lesson notes for all.

2) Avoid Mistakes and interrogations: I know that sometimes the wishes or day dreams of that passionate job can be overwhelming and clouds your thought or probably distract you. If you don't get hold of yourself, your work will suffer. That won't do good for self esteem. And Interrogation will only come from your boss when you fall short in doing what you should do per day. So stay focus and concentrate.

3) Avoid those that bothers you: I don't know if you've ever had the experience of someone disliking for no reason known to you. Funny enough! That person maybe your boss! So, as much as humanly possible stay out of their way. Let there be little contact between you and whoever vex you. But you must be polite when you come across each other. Your elusiveness may also make some people to raise eyebrows and probably conclude you're proud or...... But that's a small price to pay than being bad mouthed which can lead to a confrontation you may regret for the rest of your life.

4) Avoid being in a set: Yes! In every place of work there will be set formed " a group of people maybe 2 or more that tend to reason and carry out activities same way." Especially if you work in a financial institute. This is applicable whether you love your job or not. You'll be able to stay out of trouble more and have your name mentioned less in discussion. Am I saying you shouldn't interact with colleagues because you hate your job? No! Far from it. But you do need to build a protective shield to stay out of shielding business, like gossip which is a mild example because the walls have ears. And you'll find yourself there easily when you get too close to a particular set of people.

5) Avoid Transfer of Aggression: The fact that you hate your job doesn't mean you have to take it out on others. Learn the habit of saying nice things to clients and colleagues; keep a smile on your face and generally be nice.

In all of these, self assessment/evaluation is very important. You can do this by writing out what you hate about your job; what you love about your job. This will help you determine if you are the one not giving yourself the needed courage to love the job. If it is otherwise and something you can/should discuss with your boss, go ahead and voice out your concern. It doesn't matter the outcome. Give yourself the peace of having tried. And oh! If you can't survive being there, take the step to find something better. You will never know what lies ahead if you don't walk down the road. Cheers!

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