Saturday, May 02, 2015

The Chain of Change Around Nigerians Neck - Buhari, AIT and Transition Committee Saga.

Nigerians prayed and voted for change. In great anticipation we await May 29. But the events that are unfolding are beginning to be a source of concern to some. These are;

- Buhari bars of AIT from covering his activities
- The clash between the President and Present-elect transition committees
- President Goodluck warning Buhari that he is still in charge etc.
I believe there is a law concerning these issues. what the Law says should be the standard for all. President or President elect, it is believed no one is Above the law. Hopefully, we will not get choked by this chain but make it a ladder to higher height. Cheers!

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  1. Here's hoping it goes well on 29th.
    Here, we have a general election on 7th, so are currently being bombarded by so many promises. Problem is...which ones are genuine??
    Thank you so much for an interesting post! :)