Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Intoxicating 'Rum' in Every 'Rumour' in Entertainment World.

"Hey ! Have you heard this or that happened or it is going to happen or done or will be done by......" or "she/he/they did and didn't do this or that" has become incurable disease amongst humans, directly or indirectly; intentionally or unintentionally consumed by all.
This has led to misunderstanding and fight that has broken many beautiful relationships and even lives. And all for as little as nothing of value that was or wasn't  said or done been misunderstood and given unnecessary attention. Whomever composed the word "rumour" didn't make a mistake by beginning the first three letters as "Rum" a distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugar cane  juice or by product. Strange to think that a drink that stings so much and takes away one senses when consumed in large quantity was actually from sweet sugar cane juice( and no, i don't drink alcohol just incase you got to wonder Lol!). Of course, it has under gone some processes to be of such taste. So is rumour sweetly refined and consume by the bearer. Unfortunately the hangover is felt by the innocent individual or not so innocent individual being talked about. Another reason I believe why most tale bearers are referred to as people with "sugar coated tongue"

Every rumour is false until proven otherwise. And once a rumour is started or fabricated, the sensibility of knowing what the truth is or can be is taken away. Tongues starts wagging, hands starts writing or typing, ink starts printing none stop until every aspect of it is exhausted. At the end, everyone is exhausted without establishing nothing. Most people won't stop to ask the credibility of the information they are being feed before feeding others, especially if it is about someone they don't like. I read or heard it somewhere. It came as a whisper and in the bid of being the first to write about it, it landed in your space. It doesn't or shouldn't matter so long it sells or promotes what it should sell. Yeah! "Rumour has it that..." You're about to destroy someone's peace. Few are those that take some moment to question what they read or said to them. Its true we must be entertained and talk But it shouldn't be at the detriment of humans like you loosing their peace of mind or life. Seriously! How far is far enough when talking about other people's business? And for fans to argue vehemently about what a particular celebrity; who doesn't know of their existence; who won't be paying them;  is doing or not doing.

Whatever you read about whoever get your facts right because I won't deny  rumours may actually be the real situation. And when you know the truth your information don't just  entertain but also maintain some level of integrity and dignity. Cheers!

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