Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Unspoken Words!

Love pure and transparent
In the spring well of it, I drown
Many times there's an offer of help
To stop the struggle of trashing
But I chose to live a minute with you
Than a thousand years without you
Your smile is the shock wave of focus
Your touch evoke thousands butterfly dance
The flow of the ocean cease
With one look from you

Rare is the feel of having you
A dwelling of peace ambiance, I live
Occasionally I doubt how long it'll last
If this is nothing but a mirage
But the hope in my heart will keep me
Until, solid entity of you can be touched
Your laugh is the sweetest beat of life
Your strength, is that of ten soldiers in war
The earth is on a standstill
Whenever you're close to me

The resounding of the sound of music
Is our heartbeat as one
The people wonder the steady flow of it
The impossibility of such beautiful art
But our amazement gives substance to it
When we reach out to each other
Is the meadow of two hearts
The pillar of our existence, our belief
The union of a vow spoken sincerely
That God who is LOVE fulfills the number of our days.

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  1. Really great thoughts indeed. Happy new month!

  2. this is fine piece. e dey make love sweet person.

  3. What a lovely poem and very sweet image as well.