Friday, May 01, 2015

The "V" Shape is not for View Neither is the Egg Plant for Exposure.

I understand the lack of sense in dress sense amongst most ladies today because of the need some feel in attracting men for diversified reason. Yet the slogan is still "Looking good is good business" not "Looking nude" oh! I forgot nudity is the order of the day. It sells like pure water so, everyone let's go there. Oops! Some still hesitate because they know sense can't be thrown away in dressing. It is OK if you curse me out on this post but of what impact is exposing what you call "private?" if it was suppose to be for  public view, it would have being called public.. And until, it is actually changed to that, I'll still maintain my stand on this. Give value to what should be valued. And what's the gain with this exposure and provocative dress sense? Expect broken hearts/marriages.

Men generally are attracted by what they see is an established belief.  The choice becomes difficult to make in choosing or sticking to one, when there's so much on display. When you have too many beautiful goods on a showcase you may want to have all. What am I trying to say? Making a case to why men cheat? Well, NO. Asking us ladies to stop being a showcase but a valued case. I'm not to tell you how to dress or what to wear , especially those skin sticking tights that show the entire "V" shape  (camel toe you call it but it is your womanhood) leaving nothing for the imagination of people *sighs* let's apply the sense in dress sense when we need to wear such clothing because Camels are to be ride on. I believe that isn't the message we trying to send.

Oh most handsome well-endowed men. Why is your emmm...called "egg plant" today? It's because of the ability to reproduce/give life, right? The truth is: the size isn't what makes it the egg plant but its ability/function. So, please save us already with this much exposure of how small or big yours looks. Let your lady appreciate it, because the world will care less if it doesn't bring some tiny beautiful beings to life.
You are respected for what you cover, that man will have to uncover. Not what is for show for all to have access to. And again let's APPLY THE SENSE IN DRESS SENSE. Cheers!


  1. I agree...if we take away the "mystery" aspect, then what does that leave for the imagination?
    I have to admit to wearing slightly provocative clothes when I was younger...but I never felt comfortable in them, so soon toned it down...and also when I dressed that way, I found I attracted all the wrong kind of attention!
    Yes, a lot of wisdom in what you say...:)

    Have a great weekend.:)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, its being a while and do enjoy your weekend too. :)

  3. how do people even get comfortable doing some stuffs???? tank God for my mom

    “ Love is when you kiss all the time. Then when you get tired of kissing you still want to be together and talk more. My Mommy and Daddy are like that. They look gross when they kiss”. Emilly-age 8. READ an 8 yr old describe love in the most amzing way