Monday, May 25, 2015

What's Colour Got to do With it?

Its no more news that dark skinned ladies are now an "endangered species." You don't believe me, well then go to any cosmetic store and look at the pack then tell me what you see!! Its a light skinned girl on almost any beauty product. Calling a girl dark now has become an insult, I once told a friend that she was looking dark and she stared at me like I threw juice on her  face.

The modern day woman gives a lot to feel accepted by her man and her friends which I believe its giving away too much. Beauty has got nothing to do with the exterior!My darlings! Men married to beauty queens still cheat on them with women who society won't even term "beautiful"

That should get you thinking and if it doesn't then think on this!Video vixens usually light skinned and all forms of sexy but 75% of celebrities are married to dark skinned women. Now don't get me wrong I am not saying that dark skinned ladies are more beautiful abeg o!

Whether light or dark skinned you are beautiful the way God made you!I would want to believe that when God picked up the sand He moulded you from,He knew exactly what He wanted you to look like so you are better suited for where He has ordained for you. Remember our God doesn't make mistakes, irrespective of the Colour of your skin your true worth is inside not outside.

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