Sunday, May 10, 2015

"Women Who Measure Shoulders With Men Don't Live Long" - Rev E.O. Oriesaa

Mother's day won't be significant without spending time in our family/village church, First Baptist Church Aghalokpe. Several Mothering activities, teaching women to train and raise Godly children were presented to make the celebration an interesting one. Women where  asked to go seek their husbands blessings. And those that are windowed or husbands absent from service where prayed for by Rev E.O. Oriesaa. After the prayers, he charged the women on the topic, he titled: Women Who Measure Shoulders With Men Don't Live Long.

Rev E.O. Oriesaa praying for mothers.
He illustrated that women that tend to play the role of a man won't live long because she has claimed to be a man. And men are the head of the family and responsible for protecting the family. Which will be too much responsibility for the woman. He further explained with a parable: whenever a man wants to kill a snake, it is the head that he stricks. Once the head can be hit the entire body will be affected. Basically, men tends to die earlier than women and if you look deep into the society there are more widows than widower. Also emphasized that in a war the men are the ones attacked and women taken captive. Just as seen in the case of King David (1 Samuel 30).

So, for every woman to live long, she should respect her position as a woman and not measure shoulder with the man of the house. And also pray for his protection.

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