Monday, May 04, 2015

Wrong Impressions Boys Still Goes Into Relationship or Marriage With.

When we talk about why marriages fail, we usually apportion 80 per cent of the blame on the women being the home maker or builder..
Now, lets take a look into some things that boys usually do and goes into marriage with that notion that it is their right..
These things are wrong but most people don't see it that way. Yeah! Wrong impressions.
These wrong impressions are among the things that easily destroy most relationships and marriages and they include:

1. Some boys feel it is their right to cheat on their lady. And their lady is suppose to be faithful, quiet about it in order not to disrupt the activities of the home. Men think its of no big deal for them to cheat. Afterall, they are men hmm! Some have the nerves of making reference to biblical fathers like King Solomon.

2. Some boys feel that women are household property that should be kept in the house without socializing. Hard to believe or not some men don't attend social gathering with their wives or allow them to belong to social clubs. Some feel the exposure may mislead the wife.

4. Some men feel  women's opinion is always inferior to that of the man. When making plans or taking serious family decisions, Only the man will  hold the knife and at the same time the cutlass Lol!

5. Some men  feel that women position in the house and for life begins in the kitchen and ends in the bedroom.

6. Some men still uses domestic violence as a means of correcting their wives just as their father probably did. An engineer once said to a lady " me if my wife show that she knows too much,  i go brush am, she go get sense by force" yeah people whether  literate or not still do crasy things.

7. Please, i beg not to be crucified but seriously some men feel women don't have right to say no to sex. Anytime he wants it, you should be ready to comply.
8. Some men  feel its an insult on their manhood if they assist with the house chores, like bathing children, cooking or sweeping because they grow seeing their father not doing such. Well thank God for civilization.

Dear gentlemen if you still carry these wrong impressions into any relationship or marriage, there's a high probability of it crumbling even before it starts. So, when you do get to fall in love, follow your heart not what your fathers did or what you see others do, Everyone to its own. As my Sapele people do say "Life na per head" sometimes the people you look upto are not doing the right things. Follow your heart directives with a reasonable mind.

By now we all know marriage and relationship has no manual. Do and follow your own according to your own understanding.
 Don't imitate.
  Don't compare.
And don''t  copy and paste because we all are different.
An old proverb "the rope used to tie cow neck is not the same with that used to tie that of a ram" Cheers!

Babe wey dey use straw dey drink bottled water.
Babe wey dey use straw dey drink pepper soup.
Babe wey dey use straw dey drink tea.
And babe wey dey use straw dey drink champagne.
Who mugu pass? Lol! (Sapele Oghenek facebook Page)


  1. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing. Reading blogs is my hobby and I randomly found your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging journey. Keep in touch with me in Twitter, @ipersuade.

  2. Onomiroro, you could not be more correct.. men should NEVER treat their wives as property.... people need to remember there should be respect on both sides... good post ♡