Sunday, June 28, 2015

Be careful When Someone Say to you "I knew you when...."

Ever told someone about a "Big Dream" of yours? What was their reaction? Laugh you to scorn or tell you "Abeg come down to Earth that's impossible!". Yes we all have Dreams that we once pursued or at least attempted to pursue. In life you must understand that; your decision to step out and follow God's will put pressure on others. And the first place you'll feel it will be amongst those closest to you; that man and woman you grew up with playing kelekele (hide&seek), tenten in the village square (a game of trying to match legs position differently) and oh! Running around with just a piece of pant, climbing trees to pluck fruits. Its more difficult for them to understand, especially if your calling sets you apart and takes you to a higher level. It'll take a lot of courage to remain firm, even when you're mocked.
Let's consider the story of David when he volunteered to fight Goliath, his faith was an embarrassment to his big brother Eliab, an officer in King Saul's army. What he was thinking in his heart will probably be "what if my little brother achieves what the entire army dared not to, people will ask how come I didn't have such standing and faith in God, being of the same family?" And of course out of anger Eliab tried to discourage David by belittling him when he asked "with whom did you leave those few sheep in the desert?" (1 Samuel 17:28). For David to overcome Goliath, he had to overcome the thoughts and opinions of those around him. Same thing you need to do.

You know the only thing holding you back from pursuing your God given vision isn't lack of faith in what God is set to do through you but fear of being mocked and ridiculed by people around you who will probably tell you your life history.
- how you failed severally in school
- how poor your parents were
- how incompetent you are
- how you can't amount to nothing
- how you're nothing but a timid village girl
- how there are better people that can and will be used
- how uneducated you are.........
Of course! Numerous are the reasons to limit and label you.
Just incase you forgot, the people took offence at our Lord Jesus, when He returned to His hometown to spread the Gospel and asked questions like
- isn't this the carpenter son?
- isn't this Mary son?
- what's this wisdom that has being given to Him, that He does miracles? All to bring Him down to their level.
And Jesus said to them " only in His hometown, amongst His relatives and in His own house is a prophet without honour." (Mark 6:2-6).

Now! Ask yourself " how long will you shy away from pursuing your vision." Remember Dr Myles Munroe words "the greatest tragedy is not death but a life without purpose." Until, you refuse to be limited and labeled, your heart will be heavy with having to withhold so much inside. The beautiful thing is; if you can stand up for yourself, those that limited you will still be the ones celebrating you. You should know some people don't see clearly at a close range, honestly, if there's a change in your look/weight reduction, you'll be surprise someone outside will be the first to notice before those you live in the same house with. See that as the problem of anyone that tells you "I knew you when....." And be careful around them. Cheers!


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