Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Comic Heart Issues: Your One Day Just Might be Today!

CHIC MOMENT: CHIC is the acronym of Comic Heart Issues Compilation. It is about those heart burning situation one finds him/herself and can't tell what to do; laugh or cry? Neither will fetch a solution and then you recall the exclamation 
What do you do when the only person that can give you a "yes" says "no"! When you apply all the prayer skills and techniques and still no answer! The job still no where in sight, The fiance still leaves and the fiancee still breaks up. Oh! your parents health still failing. And you're wondering " why does breakthrough takes so  long?" You realise that this situation you've found yourself; you've got more questions than answer.

Ever woken up in the morning and can't find the courage to stand up because you're afraid of what life would throw your way? Good thing is; you're not alone! Imagine how our father Abraham felt at 99years old, without the child God promised him 25years ago or Joseph in prison at 30years and still in exile, though God promised him the 'kingdom' when he was a boy. What about Job that spent 41 out of his 42 bible chapters living through the loss of his health, wealth and family? With the kind of friends he had, he didn't need any enemies. Over and over he questioned God but got only silence for an answer. He persevered through tough days and sleepless night believing ' when I'm tried, I shall come forth as gold.' Why Gold?
1) Its takes fire to produce gold 
2) Only the refiner knows the degree of heat and amount of time required
3) To rush the process is to produce something of lesser value.

You'll notice a common thread throughout the bible; one day God turned around their stories. Which had a greater ending than the beginning. Mockery, complacency, fatigue, criticism and discouragement are hurdles you must constantly overcome. It doesn't matter how discouraged you're now about life or the burning secret tears running down your face. Keep trusting and always remember  "THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE UNIVERSE IS RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! HOLD ON, YOUR ONE DAY JUST MIGHT BE TODAY."
Happy New Month From Us In TPJ's House to Everyone! Cheers!!

Biblical Guide: Joshua 1:3, Job 23:10

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  1. Life can be challenging, so much to face, but you have a very positive outlook.