Sunday, June 07, 2015

Five Signs He is Cheating and This has Gone Beyond the Lipstick Stain.

Yeah! cheating has gone beyond the lipstick stain, late comings, the lies of late meeting etc. Well, our men are getting smarter each day and topping up their games. So, what are the other signs that your man is cheating, right under your nose.

1) The behind you stance:  Whenever you're together and having a good conversation with a lady, he prefers to stand behind you, as if he's your newly employed bodyguard. And there's enough room for you two to stand side by side, the usual couple way. The behind you stance will give him an avenue to use his senses to send signal like Glo mast.

2) The hands on the shoulder/waist: Its nice to have your man keep such affectionate hold on you when you hang out but how consistent is it? Does the hand suddenly goes there whenever a beautiful lady walk pass, stand or sit close to chat? Questions to ask because your man could be playing a fast one on you by using such opportunities to pass his card over like 'Sherlock Holmes' spy novels.

3) The walk to the door: Oh no! Do not always, I mean ALWAYS! let your man walk your friend(s) to the door while you tag behind. When he keeps telling you to get something for him whenever a female friend visits and wish to leave, you've got to be suspicious. Because that brief moment is enough to make a plan to keep contact. And it means you giving the rat a fish and expecting him not to eat it when all is dark and silent.

4) The difficult conversation: Anytime your man gets distracted in between conversation especially when you are out, take a moment to look around if there are any fine CHIKITOS around. And then trace his eyes trail and it will probably land exactly where some girlish giggling is coming from.

5) The old ways: Of course we can't completely exempt the old ways of having lipstick stain on the shirt, lies of late meetings that never took place, punctured tires, the imaginary accident, road block or traffic jam. You know it is a lie when he is hard and angrily defensive, instead of simply explaining.  

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