Saturday, June 06, 2015

How do you Recognize a Truly Happy Couple During Their Wedding?

Its Saturday and somewhere in Nigeria and the world; a wedding ceremony took place and at the same time a Nigerian mother maybe telling her twenty something years old unmarried daughter "see I know one powerful man of God that can pray for you." Amidst the 'Skelewu' and 'Shoki', how do you recognize a truly happy couple?

1) The whisper/glance: There is always a reason to whisper to each other and a smile sometimes breaks out in such moments, and you can't help but wonder what they keep whispering to each other about! Then you'll understand the real meaning of "Sweet Nothings,"

2) The catch in the voice: In their voice you can hear it, the excitement during the exchange of vows. That slight/breathless catch  like "I can't believe I am finally here marrying the person of my dreams" At times, One of them may start speaking even before the minister finished asking the 'I do' question. The sound of their voice is the sweetest music ever played and it doesn't matter if the girl has got a baritone or the man a soprano voice. And the girl might even let the tears roll or the guy drops a tear as the girl walks towards the aisle.*Side bar* If my man doesn't cry when I am coming down the aisle I am so turning back and walking down again until He cries. Lol! Opinion also shared by Elohor Omoyibo.

3) The dance: You can hardly tell who dances better, because if given the room; none will like to stop. It doesn't matter if the man's idea of shoki is like Jackie Chan doing "snake in the monkey shadow" or if she dances like a choir mistress.The joy in their hearts makes them play like children.
4) The Lack of Interest: It doesn't matter if the groom is Linus Mba or if the bride is Nkechi, they couldn't care less about who sprays money, present gift or who doesn't because they are lost in each other. They almost do not notice who is quarrelling over what.

5) The help: It is so fun to watch the groom try occasionally to protect the bride from the rowdiness of the activities and even help hold up her gown; you know the one like a peacock tail behind. Oh! sometimes they end up reminding each other maid of honour/bestman to wipe the sweat off.

6) The Laugh: Everything is funny to them, from the minister attempt at jokes to the MC words during reception. Even the hike in fuel price or the epileptic power supply sounds like a joke to them, they laugh gleefully to everything.

7) The togetherness/intimacy: Aww! this is the part I love the most, the togetherness.The way the groom lovingly and protectively hold on to his wife like "This is my woman " and looks at other men like "Come close and it would be better for you to hug a transformer" I love love and there's nothing more beautiful than watching two people who are ready to hold unto to each other through the waves and tides of life.

PS: Sincere apology for the silence that has reigned in here for a while. And thank you for not giving up on us.

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