Monday, June 08, 2015

Super Bowl Life: A Letter From the World of Work to Workers.

Good day. If you made it to work today despite your silent (or not-so-silent) wishes to wish away Monday, God bless you. And if you’re doggedly fighting to get the job done in spite of a few sleepy nods or that annoying “office situation”, kudos to you; you have my respect. Well if you succeeded at wishing Monday away and staying back home, or your Mondays are usually free-and-open, God must love you in a special way; well done.

Whoever you are reading this from wherever you are in whatever part of the world, please acknowledge the truth that you’re a part of those making the world work (and if you doubt it, leave your questions on the comment boxes; I’ll gladly answer them).

Dear Mr. CEO, the company you birthed is putting food on the tables of families because you employed their bread winners; thank you.

Thank you recharge card vendor; though the profit seems small, your presence in my area saves me a lot of trekking just to recharge my phone.

Students, you’re the ones who make teachers earn their pay and endorse their life work; thank you for choosing education instead of the other options.

Administrators, managers, secretaries, assistants, they are just awesome…always making things work as they should; thank you.

There’s got to be reasons why the government employs civil/public servants, and as long as their work is effective, we say the government is working; civil servants, thank you.

And to you my job-seeking, recently-unemployed, eager-but-no-work, I-need-a-job-change, or whatever-my-hands-find-to-do friend, your hope and determination can melt a rock to juice; and for that, I’m eternally grateful.

Maybe “Thank you!” was not what you were looking forward to, and you just want to see the end of that quarrel (I’m sure I know someone who’s thinking that). Okay we’ll get back to that, but please note this: Your job (the one you have now or are going to have; your business) is a proof that your employer believes that you have a whole lot to offer the company; it’s a proof that God trusts you to add value to the world around you. Please do not destroy that confidence; do not betray that trust.

Whatever you get to do now, make others envy you because of the unique difference you're adding to life. Yeah! you've got to live the super bowl life. And its what its called 'packaging' even when you wish you've got something better. In all of it Thank you all for keeping the world working.

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