Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Lady's Eclipse Experience: Trap of Wants and Needs.

This episode is about the single lady trapped between the Lord needs and her lover wants.
There's a time in most ladies lives when an eclipse will occur. Oh you thought eclipse only occurs with earthly objects? Well, eclipse does occur with the way some ladies think and the decisions they have to make at a point in life. The moment is so crucial that any choice made may be at the detriment of the "world" or "word of God" yes! A choice between earthly or godly principles, especially in the world we live in today that; the cost of values have become valueless. The focus is more on the giving in to the wants of man than the needs God requires of us. Oops! Shifting a bit from what we need to talk about, please pardon me and let's return to the two eclipse that may occur in a lady's life.

1) The lover eclipse: this will occur when the Lord needs is between the lady and her lover wants. This in most cases is between saying yes or no to premarital sex. It is a common knowledge that in our present generation, most men don't even want to hear about this. And as a minister, if you preach too much about it, you just may end up losing members. Men hmmm!  expects when they say "baby I love you" and you say " I love you too" means let's roll in the hay. Infact the watchword in most relationship is "Love is sex." And the Lord understands the difficulty of saying no to such strong heightened emotions, is the lie you're forced to believe.  Of course! You (the lady) know by now; sex isn't a determinant of love. But that doesn't stop the tiny ray of hope that maybe he may truly come to love you more and probably put the ring on it,  if you but give in to his wants.  And as much as you love the Lord, you find yourself desiring most to give in to your lover wants and that is a moment of eclipse. Unfortunately you can't afford to bank your life on "maybes." Some men have gone to the extent of putting an engagement ring on it just to achieve the goal of sleeping with a lady. You really don't want to be that lady. Remember; the heart of man is desperately wicked Jeremiah 17:9.

2) The Lord's eclipse: this occurs when the lover wants comes between the lady and her Lord needs. And this is deeper than just saying no to premarital sex. A lady principle is what determines her outlook to life. How she deals with the circumstances surrounding her lover wants. Because the man believes he should always be in charge. And for his own selfish benefits he'd say to you "if you love me you'll do this or that" of course! He does know you love him but you just love the Lord most. But that necessarily doesn't mean he isn't a good man but a man who needs to know  the benefit of laying a good foundation of relationship on Godly and not worldly principle. Have you noticed that all the world has got to offer is to satisfy the flesh? And its nothing but opposite of what the Lord desires of us. This I know is a very difficult task to hold onto. Especially, when you get to hear people belief about how impossible to truly be chastise in today's world. And the talk of you getting old without a man if you don't bend to the world belief of how relationship should be built; the name callings "rigid, stiff etc." All these you'll experience in public but within the privacy of their hearts, they all but applaud you for standing up a notch higher than the world belief. Fortunately, with God, there's no 'maybes.' Its all about fulfillment of His word. Numbers 23:19

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