Monday, June 29, 2015

Walking Sticks and Bedpans: The Tools Needed to do the Job.

Many years ago, I read an hilarious story about some nuns working in a hospital but ran out of gas on their way to work one morning. Fortunately, there was a filling station close by but no gas container. Suddenly, one of them remembered keeping a bedpan in the car trunk and quickly rushed to get it. They filled the pan with gasoline and carried it back to fill the car tank carefully. Two men, driving past stared at them in complete disbelief. And one couldn't help say to the other "now! That's what I call faith." It appeared to be strange when the nuns speed past the men on the freeway. And they were greatly surprised at the work of God via the nuns faith in Him (Hebrews 11:6).

That little thing the Lord has put in your disposal is all you need to shine forth in life. Too many times we make the big mistake of comparing ourselves with someone else and concluding because we aren't talented in same way means; we don't have what it takes. Moses thought so at a point in his life, when God asked him "what is that in your hand?" Moses replied "A rod" just a walking stick. But with it, great miracles were wrought (the parting of the red sea). Of what little importance have you considered your gift in life or you just haven't discovered it yet? Or waiting to be asked? You should know; that which you've had all your life and considered unimportant can be taken by God and use it to accomplish great things. But that will only happen when you are willing to acknowledge its potential, and let God have His way.

Oh! What are you thinking? There's no way you can stoop low to do that which your heart keeps telling you about, because your paper qualification is way higher than that. This is me whispering to you or should I actually scream at you "Pride goes before a fall" (Proverbs 16:18). The Lord that has put it in your care, expects you to tend to it and bless lives. And you that's procrastinating, when will your tomorrow come? How many opportunities have you missed because of your many excuses of waiting for next time or it isn't good enough for me. That which you're looking down on, is actually your lift to the top. And until you start seeing walking sticks and bedpans as "the tools needed to achieve great task" your faith cannot bring forth your fruit. When you give God what you've got, amazing things will happen in your life (Exodus 4:2). Cheers!

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