Sunday, June 28, 2015

Your Knight in not so Shining Armour!

Sometime in May, Nigerians went crazy when former governor of Edo state  Comrade Oshomole got married to his Model bride. Trust naija people; we no get chill  O! From funny post to cartoon characters to memes. Nigerians had fun laughing at the "princess" and the "knight in not so shiny armour." Let's be truthful here, ladies we all know at one point in our lives or the other we have prayed for "the hot chocolate"*winks*. The tall dark handsome muscular brother with dimples! You know the one that smiles and totally takes your breath away!
Okay! Let me stop here before ladies start salivating. But what happens when all you need in a man comes in a different" container?" When he comes in a not so tall, not so dark and portly looking form. Shattered dreams right! But I don't think you should throw away a perfectly good man because of his appearance. At times the love you feel for him and the alignment of your purpose is enough to cover up for any physical shortcoming, just because a guy is "facially challenged" doesn't mean he should be treated any less better than the chisel faced brother. Don't judge by the shallowness of appearance but the depth of his love for you.

So many times, the knight in shining armour just may loose the battle of giving you a peaceful home. Nothing to be seen except his sparkles. And you can take time polishing your knight in not so shining armour that someday, the glitters may but blind everyone that looks at him. Remember "behind every successful man, there's a woman." He just needs you to bring out the best in him which will fetch a peaceful and loving home. Oh! I remember a friend saying "I want to wake up in the morning and be able to look at my husband, thanking God for his blessing, not asking myself if this is the man I have to tolerate for the rest of my life?" Perfection is perception. How you view a situation is what will determine your mind set concerning it. Someone did marry the man you thought wasn't good enough for you and you may also marry a man someone thought wasn't good enough for her. So, your knight in not so shining armour just may be the great King to rule your world. Give him a chance to show what lies beneath his looks. Cheers!