Sunday, July 12, 2015

I was Busy Praying to be Married to him While he was Walking Down the Aisle With Another Woman. Today! He Gets Angry Whenever he Sees me, Blaming me for his Unhappiness in Marriage.

Okay! I thought this story weird and our men should learn to actually realise that ladies are to be help-meet and not the bread winner.

How bright can a green light be? Should it be blinding before guys notice it? Was the question I asked myself, when I got the information that the man I’ve being fasting and praying to be married to is going to marry someone else. It hurts more because we had become a bit close to being friends. Yeah! But I had too many personal issues I was dealing with to give my best at that time. Because he too was having his own challenges financially. Funny how some men expect a working lady to split or probably foot the bills in a relationship. We met at the time when I was picking myself up from a series of bad relationships I had been involved in.

Tunde (not real name) and I had been dating for almost a year when he called and asked me to loan him some money for an urgent business deal, I hesitated a little because I really do not believe in giving money to guys, but then I thought of it as a way of proving my love and commitment to him since we agreed to get married soon. After giving him the loan, He started acting strange, won't take my calls and when he eventually does, conversations are usually one-sided with me asking the questions and him just grunting like wounded mule. At first I thought that he had probably lost the money and was too ashamed to face me but then I got a call from my Sister telling me my Cousin was getting married to the same man I had built my future around. I cried till I finally understood the expression “cry blood."

I vowed never to give a man a dime of my money again! Then along came Tega, (not real name) I met him in church, when it was time to give offering, I didn’t lift my hands up for offering that day because I had stayed for the two services and I gave my offering during the first service. He didn’t know and when He saw me with my hands down, He assumed I didn’t have money for offering and stylishly slide money into my hands. In my heart I said “finally a man that give!" We became friends from then on and was inseparable. I liked him and secretly prayed for the day he would finally ask me out because I knew He liked me too. Then a day came and he told me about a financial problem he had, although I knew he was just confiding in me and not asking me for money,  I knew that if I had offered to help, he definitely would have accepted. Somehow he was able to raise the money from another source and a few months later He introduced a girl to me as his fiancee. I felt as though I had been struck by lightning! Where did I go wrong again? I could have sworn that He had feelings for me but then again I just thought I was wrong and then decided to be there for him as a friend. 

Six months into his marriage, I ran into him and He ignored my greetings and frowned his face so hard  thought it was going to crack. I asked a friend of ours and He told me that Tega was really unhappy in his marriage and he blamed me for it, saying that if only I had agreed to loan him the money at the time he needed it, He would have married me, his present wife loaned him the money then and he figured that she loved him more so he went for her instead. After His friend told me, I was so disgusted by the whole scenario, my wedding is in six weeks and I thank God that I didn’t end up with that “Woman wrapper” . Please how is this my fault?

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