Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Man! His Ministry and His Mentor.

To every man God has assigned an assignment! Now! I’m talking strictly of the male folks and not the entire human race. So, ‘if you're thinking what a man can do, a woman can do better’ then you just may miss the line of thought. A man with no assignment is the most dangerous man you can ever come across. He drinks because everyone drinks,  he gets married because everyone is doing so! Well, back to the gentlemen knowing their well defined purpose in life and the steps of whom, they should follow. A quick check with the first man on earth (Adam). I believe the fear he must had felt in his heart when the Maker assigned the duty of naming every created creature on earth was gripping. He must have doubted and wondered if he will not be  naming an animal twice or giving the same name to two different animals/plants. Maybe faint in heart but strong in the might and knowledge of His maker taking real time to make these creatures.

And our father; Abraham and how afraid He must have been when God told him to step out from his comfort zone, it must have been really tough considering the fact that 75years still living with his parents and then given an obscure assignment. He only had to follow the Voice of His maker. A man’s ministry should be aligned to whom his mentor is, whose voice he listens to. Why? Because the one with the loudest voice , cheering you on, may not necessarily give the right advice from the one whispering words of encouragement and watching from the side line. Having this understanding should help checkmate what you hear and the vision you've been given by God. It isn't enough knowing what your ministry is; but staying in line even when the journey and quest is thought to be a foolish one by others. Truth be told, even when your vision is of God you will experience disappointment, discouragement and delays, but when you know deep down that your vision is of God, you will be able to persevere through the hard times, and you have assurance that the Lord will work out his plans for your life (Psalm 138:8).

The idea is: There are certain things you need to do to 'deliver' what God has given to you. When your doctor tells you; no smoking, drinking or eating certain meals, he is concerned about your future. Others are free to do all these things because they are not carrying what you're carrying. The call to walk an unknown road to deliver a gift means daring to be different, even radical; which may cause a rift in your relationship with those (even loved ones may hurt you) that do not understand your mission, staying out of certain places and reordering your life according to your God-given assignment and not popular demand. A man's level of maturity is weighed by his ability not to play with God given assignment. Because visions aren't for the immature, faint in heart or impatient and you can't downsize them, when things gets tough. Again; a quick check with the first man 'Adam'; before  a companion (even the thought of it came), he was given his first assignment to name and tend to all of God creatures alone. when you understand your assignment as a man, then the whom voice to listen to can be discern in line with Your vision/ministry.  This is what will give substance to your existence as a man. Cheers!

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