Monday, July 13, 2015

Your Dream; A Promise You Make to Yourself.

Langston Hughes the famous American poet once said “Hold on to your dreams because if dreams die, life is a broken wing that can no longer fly." In Nigeria it is hard to dream, like the only dream we are allowed to have is the one we have when we close our eyes to sleep at night. From the day you are birthed, you hear people tell you about stuffs that aren’t possible and how it can never be done! So for fear of being heartbroken we settle for less of what we were destined to be, “pick a man now because soon your time would pass!" Then my sisters settle for someone who isn’t their dream man, “you can’t get that dream job o, many people have tried and failed!" We then settled for jobs we know  are beneath us and bosses who do not know our worth and quite frankly never will.

This reminds me of the story of the lepers in the Bible who were dying of starvation and they said to themselves “Why stay here till we die?” and then they decided to go into the city and God amplified their footsteps and they became saviours of the city. Today I dare you to act like the lepers and say to yourself “Why stay in mediocrity when I can actually try something different?”  Dare to dream again! step out of your comfort zone! Do you have an unthinkable, scary, absolutely wild idea that won’t let you sleep or in plain Nigerian language has your mother ever taken your picture to her Pastor to cast out the “demons” out of you? No one will understand the passion or force driving your dream like you do. So don’t be offended when they refuse to go the extra mile with/for you, even when you expect them to. Keep pressing! Keep believing!! Someday they’ll run up to catch up with you, just to tell you how proud they are of you. 

The vision-driven road is usually a tough one. But when God gives you a dream, He places within you or within reach all the resources needed to fulfill them (Ephesians 3:20). Some dreams will seem beyond reach when you place them alongside the triangle of logic, cost and timing. Oh! but do remember that; great accomplishments are carried out by great people. Yes! people like you. What makes them different is certainly not their age, talent, gender, environment or lack of mentor. But faith, they are people who think and believe the unthinkable. People that chose to run, when God blew the whistle of 'can' instead of hiding when Man blew the whistle of 'can't.' "What's your dream?"  No one will live it for you. It is the one promise that you can depend on God to bring to fulfillment. Want to go back to school but you don’t have the money yet? Get the form anyway! Thinking about going into a business and your degree is stopping you? Put that stumbling block aside jor! Without dream, life is reduced to a diet too bland to get anybody out of bed in the morning or like Unilever would put it “e be like train when no get engine.” Cheers!

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