Monday, September 21, 2015

17 Years Old Teenager Dies, After Drinking Chemicals Meant For Treating Dogs in Delta State.

 A 17 years old boy, Emmanuel Nkiri died in Mosogar, Delta State, of poison. The young lad drank chemical meant for the treatment of dogs with lice throwing his family and friends into a sorrowful state.

Ono Pink Journal gathered there was no sign displayed towards being dissatisfied with life. Although, there has been a whole lot of problems in the family.  The father and mother always at logger head and disagreeing over everything. This rubbed off on the children. Things became worse when the parents became partially separated, leading to the mother moving out of the apartment.

On Saturday 19th September, the father of the boy adviced him and his eldest brother over their late night keeping and other deviant behaviours. Later that night, Emmanuel called his brother and told him, he drank poison but he jokingly laughed over it that he can't do such a thing. When the pain became unbearable, he ran to his father who with the help of others administered first aid by giving him palm oil. They quickly rushed him to a private hospital in Sapele and were referred to the Central hospital. Just at the gate of the central hospital, he died. And was buried on the 20th of September 2015.

Presently, all the father can say is the fact that his son kept telling him 'Daddy, I love you.' before he died. And some persons keep saying he was diabolically manipulated, pointing suspicious fingers in all direction, including that of the mother and the brother's baby mama. Because he was too full of life to drink poison. may his soul rest in peace.

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