Saturday, September 19, 2015

Accident Along Warri-Effurun Roundabout.

This news happens to be a testimony because I was close by when it occurred. Honestly, after running a 24 hours duty, I do need to sleep but somehow I felt the need to write this news/testimony. Yesterday, in a bit of a rush to meet up with studio schedule and relieve those on duty, I crossed the road at Warri-Effurun roundabout. I barely made it to the other side with a dear colleague who was with me when we heard the screech of tires and a bang.

And people shouting praises to God that; no one was hit. Apparently, the rod holding the truck carrying crates of beer pulled out and the door opened. Some the crates fell out but no one was close enough to be hit.

When I tried speaking with the lad that followed the car, popularly referred to as "motor boy;" he just kept complaining about the loses the company has incurred within a short time because another of their truck was also involved in a similar accident.

I was really grateful to God, I didn't get to witness any heartbreaking scene.

People helping them pick the broken bottles from the road. And again, thanks be to God. And you should know "life is worth living and people worth loving."Cheers

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