Thursday, September 17, 2015

Chile Hit by a Powerful Earthquake, Setting off Tsunami Waves.

An Tsunami warning has been issued by the Chile authourities, to the coastal areas of the nation as a result of a strong 8.3 earthquake which hit Chile on Wednesday night in the Santiago coastal, killing five people, and one is still missing and also caused buildings to sway.

It is reported that, the continents on the other side such as  Buenos Aires, Argentina, also  felt the strong tremor.

Report has it; this isn't the first earth quake to have hit Chile. In 2010, hundreds of people died when a powerful earthquake hit the nation and also leveling some part of the city in South-central Chile.

The people around the coastal belt and lowland areas have been asked by officials to move to the upland  regions and the national airport is under lock for precautionary reasons. Some major activities such as schooling will be put on hold for now. As many fear as Water flows into the streets, especially the beautiful town of Concon surrounded by beaches. Although, no destructive wave, water rid up in some other cities.

After the first shake, there were numerous aftershock of  magnitude 6 and above around the region. Hopefully, this shake won't be as destructive as the 2010 earth quake that hit the nation.

May the souls lost find rest. (Amen)!

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