Friday, September 18, 2015

Hey Lady! If a Man Gives you the Dumb Act, give him the Deaf Shhh too.

As much as I don't support violence in any form, I couldn't think of anything to tell the lady that narrated the story I'm about to share, what to do otherwise. I talked about the experience some of my colleagues had with men that loves you but waiting till forever to tell you. And when you finally brings in your wedding IV, the confession of love begins. Kindly click here if you missed it. At that point I don't know if they expect you to stop your wedding preparation and start all over with them. Its better, he buries his feelings for eternity. Afterall, it took him that long to speak up. Here is the second story.

A naval man, she had been friends with came to visit her, although, he did subtly hit on her and she neither discouraged or encouraged him, hoping he'll be bold enough to be direct somehow. Unfortunately, what she thought to be shyness was absolute arrogance which is quite relative to uniform men. She found that out on this particular visit. After entertaining him with home made food and eating to his satisfaction, he started making advances but not in words but actions of wanting to touch body parts. She moved away, firmly telling him she wasn't in for that. Did he believe her? NO. He continued pressing. This time, more bold and forcing himself on her, trying to kiss her. Feeling edged, she gave him a slap and asked him to get out of her house. The look of anger on his face showed, if they weren't in her house, it probably won't have orgy well with her. Surprisingly, he got over the incident and somehow, they managed to maintain a distant relationship. And I can absolutely relate to this story on a personal basis.

The fact that most or should I write some men? Actually believes that ladies words are opposite of each other, doesn't mean it have to be with all ladies. There are always an exception to every case.

And ladies have to be sure what they want from a man or there should be a concrete agreement where you stand with each other before entertaining private visits. Not everyone will casually get out of that situation. So, define your relationship from the moment he shows interest. You should make up your mind to either encourage or discourage him. Its risky sitting on the fence.

Beautiful weekend to you all and don't forget "life is worth living and people worth loving." Cheers!

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