Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How is it her fault? He kissed her because you asked him to marry her on behalf of you.

Hmm! Some of you may not be aware of the arranged marriage, whereby the groom will be absent from his wedding ceremony and a representative from his family will marry the wife on behalf of him. Because, he's oversea and can't be physically present or someone will represent the wife, if she's the one that can't make it. In some cases, both the bride and the groom might be absent and a representative from both families will carry out the marital rights.

So, was the case of a marriage that's about to be packed up because the groom, actually a representative of the groom, who's an Uncle to the 'real groom' kissed the wife during the section of 'you may kiss the bride.' The groom isn't happy about the scene and insinuating, there's something between his uncle and wife. And raining fire and brimstone lol!

If you're the groom will you overlook such scene or if you're the absentee bride and your representative  kissed your husband will you overlook it? And as an individual, do you support this?

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