Thursday, September 17, 2015

Testimony Line: My Enemies took my Place in the Prison.

There's absolutely nothing God can't do, if you put your trust in Him.


I want to give glory to God, my father for returning my lost glory. I engage fully in soul winning in my church regularly. I do not relent in following up the souls won either, in obedience to prophecy.

During the season of winning souls in my church, some staff broke into my office and stole goods worth millions of Naira. The robbers were later caught and during interrogation lied against me that I was the one that arranged for the robbery. I was arrested, arraigned before a court, found guilty and taken to a remand home awaiting my final judgement.

One of the new convert came to visit me in the prison and told me what the man of God, Bishop David Oyedepo said about the labourers being few and the harvest is plenty. I remembered that I am a labourer and the Lord needs more labourers, hence I can't be imprisoned. We prayed together for divine intervention before he left.

Shortly after that visit, the fellow who lied against me confessed and I was released and restored back to my old job.

Bro A.B: Living faith Church, Canaan Land.

The Lord that restored this brother lost glory is still on the throne and waiting to do same and greater works in your life. Find any branch of the Living Faith Church closest to you to be a partaker, God bless you richly.

It'll be a privilege to publish your testimony too, whoever you are in the body of Christ. Let the World know about how much God still loves you and me and the wondrous work He's doing in your life by sending your testimonies to Remember, testimony reproduces itself and I see God's hand resting on you as you share and boost the faith of His people. Cheers!

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