Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wardrobe Walk with Prophetess Tera Carrisa Hodges.

      Johannesburg 2015

She's a daughter, wife/first lady, a Prophetess/God's mouthpiece and empowered with words that can light up your world and colour the grey areas of your life. To know more about this exceptionally blessed woman of God, stick around for our first Episode of 'Reigning with' If you've got God on your side, its got to show. So, 'Reigning with Tera Carrissa Hodges' coming up soon, do stick around. Oh! She's a life coach too; helping to set right the wrong turns of life.
    Yeah! That's a denim.

       There she is with Hubby
She's got Him in her life and she's got to live the beautiful life. Of course, this just the beginning of the numerous wardrobe walk with God's vessels. Cheers!

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