Saturday, October 31, 2015

Army Refused to Answer to our Distress Call says Arm Robbery Victim, who hid in a Plantation..

There was an army robbery attack today morning along Dafinone rubber plantation, Sapele-Abraka road. The arm robbers arm bushed some vehicles were there is a bad spot. Some of the passengers escaped into the bush.

One of the drivers said, a passenger called his brother to alert any quick response squad of the ongoing attack in their hide out. But there was no response from them.

It took sometime before the said passenger brother was able to reach another set of military squad he called black marshal. They quickly rushed to the scene and there was a shoot out which led to the death of a 9/11 (lorry) driver by flying/strait bullet.

However, the squad successfully put an end to the robbery but no arrest has been made as the robbers escaped the scene during the shoot out.

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