Sunday, October 25, 2015

Confused! Is this supposed to be a twit fight between Mike Murdock and a Follower.

Seriously! I do not know what to make of it. Maybe you could help. However that was the conversation between the renowned gospel Minister and authour of great books that have uplifted millions of lives. He is presently scheduled to be in Africa in the month of November; Uganda 13-16 and Nairobi Kenya; 17-18.
Some recent quotes from the dynamic speaker:

- The Unasked Question..Keeps You Poor.  Learn HOW To Ask. Learn WHO To Ask. Learn WHEN To Ask. Learn WHAT To Ask.

-  UNTIL YOU ASK Questions... Your Information Is "Leftovers" You Could Easily Make Your PRESENT... As Exciting As Your Imagined FUTURE. Decide Your Joy.

-  People Racing Toward Their Future ... Haven't Even Found Out How To Create A Glorious Present.

-  How Many Years Will It Take For You To Discover THE FORMULA... For 1 Happy Day?

And happy Sunday to you all

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