Sunday, October 25, 2015

"Express in Words your Love to your Spouse" Pastor Faith Oyedepo.

Pastor Faith Oyedepo is the wife of Bishop David O. Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel). Together, they have raised and still raising great generations of men and women that are doing exploits for the Lord God Almighty.

"Some people find it very difficult to tell their spouse how much they love them. They could get involved in other activities and even go as far as giving gifts, but cannot say the words “I love you.” You can never understand how these seemingly simple words can spice up, as well as mend a broken relationship. Understand that: A commitment to your marriage is incomplete without you voicing it out.

Expressing in words your love to your spouse or family should come easily to you. In actuality, your family should enjoy hearing these words from you on a daily basis. The truth is: It can avert impending anger, which could lead to threatening situations in the marriage. Hearing the words “I love you,” come with some nutrients that only your spouse or family can fully understand.

Surprisingly, some people have turned their spouses to "mind readers." To them, they believe he or she should know that they are loved. Even if he or she knows that you love him or her, saying it gives assurance of your love. No matter how spiritual your spouse is, he or she still wants to be told over and again that they are loved. This is one thing that holds the home together.

There is no rule to who says it first or how often it should be said, but it must come from the heart, with a deep feeling of the true meaning of love and a commitment to your spouse. Peradventure you currently feel awkward telling your spouse those words, "I love you," begin practicing it today. Before long, you will begin to say it often and start fully walking in it. One positive thing about what you say, especially when constant, is that it becomes a reality. Your marriage shall be enjoyable in the name of Jesus Christ!
Remain Blessed!"

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