Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fans Blast Kirk Franklin over Losing My Religion Album.

Kirk Franklin new album will be hitting the air waves come November 13, 2015. In preparation for the release the gospel art has received numerous attack from his fans because of a Facebook post he published.

'LET'S GO! Upload your photo at to be a part of my #LOSINGMYRELIGION poster! I want the world to see us standing together making GOD famous! Let me know when you do & I'll shout some people out!' Kindly click to watch the new video of Wanna be happy. It is a life turner.

Arvelle Watts
Arvelle Watts I have question just for clarity. Is this loosing my religion movement in any way denouncing Christianity or a movement to not see Christ as the way to see the Father?
Tofewen Exodus
Tofewen Exodus Making God famous? That line ain't cool. How can you make the one who created the world famous again. These are just the catchy phrases people use in church today that are really annoying.
Official Kirk Franklin
Official Kirk Franklin "When Christ, who is our life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory." - Colossians 3:4
Daniel Dapaah
Daniel Dapaah Please can you explain a little further on this interesting quotation?
Terry Jemale Johns
Terry Jemale Johns Has nothing to do with fame though.
Arvelle Watts
Arvelle Watts I think you all are looking at fame in the wrong context. I'm sure he does not mean famous or the fame that of a celebrity. The question is most of course acknowledges God exist, but knowing he exist and knowing him are two totally different things.
Myra Holmes
Myra Holmes The Lord, God is not famous as He should be. If He were, more people would be saved. Religion is not the same as relationship. I believe this is the clarity Kirk is making.
Tofewen Exodus
Tofewen Exodus Not being saved doesn't mean you don't know God exists. Atheists simply deny his existence, so in some way they have heard he exist and don't want to believe. What we are commissioned to is to get the finished works of Christ to the ends of the earth. ...See More
Deidre Livingston
Deidre Livingston I'm confused now....
Daniel Barrett
Daniel Barrett The music and lyrics aside in terms of value and greatness, the title is unfortunately leading to confusion...I think that is a problem. The initial read, rather the first impression, creates a question of meaning. I think it creates a question which, I'm not sure is helpful. Nonetheless, it is getting people talking.

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