Monday, October 26, 2015

Let them Criticise you, It may Benefit you.

Let them criticise you while you learn to benefit from it. There are two kinds of criticism:
1) Unjust criticism; one day Henry Ward Beecher went to his church to preach.  As the great orator placed his Bible on the pulpit he noticed a blank sheet of paper with the word 'fool' written on it. Beecher's keen sense of humour seized the moment. He lifted the paper for all to see, then his booming voice filled the church as he announced, 'Generally I received letter from people who write and forget to sign their name. This letter is different. The person has signed his name and forgotten to write the letter.' Jesus said 'offences will come' (Luke 17:1). So expect them. And remember attack is a sign of respect. You're getting noticed. You're making a difference. So. when you are criticised unjustly, forget it and move on. Jesus did.

2) Justified criticism; criticism that is justified have a measure of truth in it. An old Arab proverb states, 'if one person calls you a donkey, forget it. But if five people calls you a donkey, buy a saddle.' Dr. James G. Kerr, a management psychologist, points out that a major deterrent to gaining information about ourselves lies in our natural reluctance to discover anything about ourselves that isn't flattering. When we erect defences against our own inadequacies and try to hide our faults from ourselves and others, we close the door to vital source of self-knowledge and therefore deny ourselves the joy of spiritual growth. Stop hiding from the truth. Every one of us can improve what we're doing and the way which it's being done. As they say, 'the largest room in the world is room for improvement.'

Scripture Guide Proverbs 15:5. Culled from the daily devotional 'The Word for Today' by Bob Gass. Have a fruit bearing week. Cheers!


  1. What a fabulous post!
    I love no. 1)...such a brilliant, witty answer...wish I could think of a reply like that! :)
    And no. 2) is so true. Yes would be a good idea to listen to justified criticism (and we all know intuitively when criticism IS justified, don't we?). We can learn so much from this kind.
    Thank you so much! :))

  2. Same here. Very nice retort.